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Digital Arts

Digital Arts Lower 1

Lower School (6)

The Lower School explores the power of the image in multimedia. Using HD cameras, microphones, and linear editing applications students are encouraged to be inspired by their surroundings. They are being taught to be conscious of their surroundings and not to see with just their eyes but to really observe. It is a great introduction to the world of digital arts.

Upper School (7-12)

Using MAC Workstations students are being encouraged to explore original concepts using conventional methods of creation such as sketching and drawing. From there they are learning how to take their creation and produce it in the digital world.

Our Tilden Campus has two MAC Labs used exclusively for the digital arts. It is set-up to encourage creativity, team work and collaborative learning all the while being creative.

Digital Art

Program Highlights

While creativity can’t be taught, a person’s uniqueness can be cultivated in unique and unforeseen ways to be expressed visually in ways others can enjoy. Having the tools and the skill to use them can be taught and that’s is the goal of our Digital Arts Program.

Apple History

Ironically students have very little prior knowledge of a world without computers and just what an impact it has had not only on our daily life but in particular the creative industries. So as a part of our Digitial Arts curriculum, students will learn the history of the computer and of one of the most iconic brands in the world, Apple.

Toolbox Exploration

As with any new toolbox, it must be filled with valuable tools. In digital arts our students will explore and learn the fundamentals elements of each tool and how they impact their ability to create. The possibilities in the mastery of these tools to create are endless!

Logo Design

It seems like no matter where you look we are inundated with symbols, marks and logos that help provide people, companies and organizations with their own unique identity. Our Digital Art students will explore the world of logo design by creating their very own a just one of their many lessons.

Plenty of Great Music!

Digital Arts while based in technology is still a creaive endevour and takes place in a team enviorment that fosters creativity. In order to stoke some of that creative fire we have plently of cool vibes with some great music!

Digital Arts Faculty

0004 Bell Janelle 01

Janelle Bell-Martin

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0011 Campbell Marsha 01

Marsha Campbell

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